Weak Soil Condition Foundation

The Loren Group recognizes that quality is our business plan and weak soil condition can affect the quality of the foundation in integrated steel services. As the nationwide leader in steel friction pilings, The Loren Group has a strong commitment to simplifying our customer’s job site install, while providing an economic advantage through our value engineering. We are fully dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The Driving Formula

The driving formula for strong soil condition plays a major role in the quality of the foundation. Several dynamic pile driving formulas have been developed as an aid in determining pile capacity. Such formulas serve a useful purpose, particularly on small projects, or where previous experience and static testing in a given area have confirmed their reliability. The modified Engineering News Formula, which takes into account the relationship between the relative weights of the pile and hammer, is commonly used.

This formula has proven to be most reliable when uniformly tapered piles are embedded in a cohesionless bearing stratum. *The Loren Group does not endorse the use of any formula* Foundation Engineers recognize the varying results with any formula, or static analysis approach, in the determination of pile capacity and/or length. The reliability of soil information, its variability within the site, the selection of appropriate soil values, pile shape, hammer efficiency, and the effect of pile driving forces on in situ soil conditions are among the variables which influence pile performance and require sound engineering judgment. On large projects involving high capacity piles, pre-design or pre-bid programs incorporating static load tests, or dynamic methods coordinated with static tests can provide rational driving criteria resulting in substantial cost savings.

Benefits of Prodigious Soil Condition

The Loren Group recognizes that soil condition plays a key role in the quality of the foundation. Prodigious soil quality allows tapered shape piles:

  • Greater Load Capacity
  • Less Concrete Needed
  • Less Rebar Needed
  • Less Stell Needed
  • Reduction in Freight
  • Less Driving Time Per Pile
  • More Piles Driven Per Day

The Loren Group has multiple diameters, gauges, and rates of taper that enable the designer to select a Tapered Friction Pile suitable for a wide variety of substrate conditions.  Our strong commitment to simplifying our customer’s quoting process and job site installation while providing an economic advantage through our value engineering is the reason that The Loren Group is the nationwide leader in the world of steel friction pilings.